Why Relevant Laboratories?

We are a cutting-edge personal care product research and development lab dedicated to helping beauty entrepreneurs bring their dream beauty care formulas to life. With our expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, we can help you create innovative and effective products that will set your brand apart in the competitive beauty industry.


We offer one on one consulting sessions. Whether it's a brand launch or a crisis, we are here to help you! 


We specialize in personal care product research and development, specifically catering to beauty entrepreneurs who are looking to create innovative beauty care formulas.

Stock Formulas

We offer a variety of fully developed stock formulas. These high-end formulas are perfect to launch your brand and save time and money. 


Partner with us at Relevant Laboratories and let us help you take your beauty brand to the next level!

Meet The Founder and Lead Chemist

Éliane Treadwell is the owner and lead chemist of Relevant Laboratories, LLC. Her more than decade-long career allows her to lend her expertise in a number of areas such as consulting, formulation, product ideas, packaging and marketing. Seeing dreams become brands is her passion.

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